Slovenian Breakfast!

As I woke up on the first official day in Bled, Slovenia I hurried to shower and get ready for breakfast. The twelve of us who decided to go skiing had decided to meet in the dining room at 7am to eat and then leave on the buses at 9. Unfortunately, when my room mate and I walked in to the dining room at 7:05am we found the area completely empty. As concern for our bus began to rush through me it suddenly hit a brick wall as I set my eyes on the free breakfast before me. 

It was glorious. 

Perched precariously across five long tables sat a scrumptious array of every breakfast food you could think of; there were boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, 3 types of cereals, legitimate pastries and breads, a cornucopia of fruit, and most importantly….meat. There was multiple types of sausage, and many many cheeses and cold cuts. It was  phenomenal. The beverage choices were just as varied; there was apple juice, orange juice, milk, espresso, coffee, hot chocolate, and four different types of tea. Simply put, I was in heaven. I was not used to these many choices because in Italy you do not find this kind of breakfast. At the very best you can find an offering of cheeses, yogurt, some fruit, and an uncomfortably stiff brioche’. Bled’s breakfast was a very welcome change. 

By the time I finished my meal I had devoured a minimum of three impromptu breakfast sandwiches, two boiled eggs, various fruits, and copious amounts of apple juice. After all, why spend money later on food when you can fill up for half the day for free? 

Ironically, the moment my room mate and I finished the people from our ski group began to filter into the dining room…it was 8:30. The girls were naturally not ready, and the guys had no idea what time it was. Needless to say, we missed the bus to the Vogel ski park. As frustrating as this was, however, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have traded the first day in Bled for anything. 

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