Why I’m Blogging…

Right now there’s a lot of people my age or younger who are resigning themselves to staying in their own countries for work or are too scared of traveling because of some idea that it is incredibly expensive. That’s a total lie.


I’ve studied abroad through my University and paid the same amount I would at my US university.


I’ve backpacked across Europe with the money I saved from a part time job in high school.246517_10150859967153951_1697436212_n


I’ve found work in Australia with marketing and now teach English in Japan. 10606039_10152310195653951_4178562463572460215_n





I am not special. Anyone can do this and with this blog I hope to encourage others to not just learn about how to travel cheaply and where, but also help them WANT to travel.

The world is an enormous place with tons of things to experience and great friends to meet. I honestly, believe that if everyone traveled more and saw more of other people’s cultures and viewpoints, it could help spark all kinds of innovation.

To quote the adorable movie, “UP!”: ADVENTURE AWAITS! (This is actually hanging in my wife’s and my house)20150105_100354

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  1. hello! really enjoyed this post! looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

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  2. Jonathan – I came across this in our Blogging101 group. I LOVE THIS BLOG!! Such an awesome idea! I love how your categories are broken down by country, and the photos are so good. This topic – and what you want people to take away from reading it – is why blogging is so cool. Kudos to you!

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  3. Your stories are very interesting and touching too. I can imagine how much most young people, even older would learn if they mingled a little more. Sometimes it is not so much the fear of making changes and how to manage them, but what to do if those changes do not work. You have encouraged and reminded me to include in my diary one of the things I really want to do this year, be a barefoot for education traveler. Thanks.

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  4. Oh my goodness this is so interesting! I am in the uk and really want to study uni in the usa!! But my school is really bad at that kind of thing!

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  5. Oh wow! You’ve travelled quite a bit!


  6. Glad I found you. Great story and awesome adventures! Well I call myself a cheap traveller 😉 😀


  7. Thanks for following and liking my blog! I am now following yours, it’s great!


  8. From one barefooter to another..why wear shoes…well gonna have to soon as back to Uk for a wedding..mmm..I digress..love your post and the detail makes me feel as though I am there….So glad I joined blogging 101 as have read so many amazing blogs that I probably wouldn’t have..yours included. Great blog.


  9. I can’t believe you brought the up painting with you to Japan!


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