A Wedding Anniversary On St. Patrick’s Day

It has officially been one entire year that my wife Lexi and I have been married. In that year we traveled to five different countries, moved to Japan, and have seen so many things. It has been, to put it simply, amazing.

Choosing to get married on St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty solid choice because we can now celebrate our anniversaries the way we wanted to celebrate our wedding, with our friends. We have always and will always be deeply social people with very different and diverse friend groups. Now, whether we like or dislike the other’s friends we still know that all of our accomplishments and growth would not be possible without them.

To celebrate my anniversary with my one and only Lexi, I’ve included some of my favorite photos of three St. Patrick’s Days we’ve been together and been with the friends who have made our lives so special.

2012 St. Patrick’s Day In Dublin (Chickened Out On Proposing…still special though):


2014 St. Patrick’s Day Wedding:

2015 St. Patrick’s Day & 1 Year Anniversary:


Thank you everyone for everything. We love you…almost as much as we love each other ;).


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  1. LOOOOVE this! Such a nice way to celebrate St Patricks day. Your wedding photos are also amazing! A beautiful couple! It is also so great to travel with your wife/husband!


  2. You guys are sooooooooooo cute times infinity!!!! Happy anniversary!


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