How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Osaka, Japan

535849_10150626915698951_1230766351_nSt. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday of the year. Yep, I’m one of those Americans who love their Irish history and have a bunch of pride. I mean, I even got married on St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, those are Jamison Whiskey bottle favors for our guests.

Anyways, this year I found myself in Japan and naturally had to find a way to continue celebrating this great holiday. Luckily, Irish bars are in NO short supply out in Osaka. Let’s see some of the options that you can hit up in the heart of the city:

1. The Blarney Stone:

As somebody who’s kissed the actual stone in Ireland, let me tell you this place has a good Irish vibe to it. The owners of the Blarney Stone have put a lot of work into it and have been so successful that you can partake in their vibe at two different locations: Shinsaibashi and Umeda (the main party areas).

Food: I recommend the felafels, buffalo wings or blarney steak!

Drinks: Drafts of Guinness, Kilkenny and various imported ciders and beers to go alongside traditional Japanese brews. Plus specialty cocktails ranging through all major liquors. I recommend the tequila endowed, Shady Lady.blarneystone2Check out their website and find out how to get there with this link: The Blarney Stone!

2. Irish Pub – Dublin Bay:

As a relatively new pub in Osaka Namba, Dublin Bay isn’t pulling any punches. With a diverse selection of draft beers and an open kitchen until closing time, Dublin Bay lives to serve. Not to mention during the summer, they open up a rooftop terrace for BBQ and all you can drink parties. There’s a saying for Dublin Bay around Osaka, “There’s no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.”

Food: With food ranging from pasta, snacks, fries and many others it is hard to choose what to get. I’d recommend the Guinness beef pie or the fish & chips for a pretty authentic Irish feel.

Drinks: You can’t go wrong here. With Guinness, Kilkenny, Strongbow, and London Pride on tap anyone can get their fill.

I wasn’t able to find a link to their website but you can find a detailed description here at Why Not Japan’s great nightlife guide.

3. Murphy’s Irish Pub:

Finally we come to the haven I chose for my St. Patrick’s shenanigans: Murphy’s.DSC_0610Murphy’s is the very first Irish pub in Japan and was awarded the “Best Pub Award” by Guinness in 1993. It has a very old school feel to it and keeps true to its Irish roots offering Guinness and Kilkenny beers on tap while also boasting a wide variety of fine Irish Whiskeys. Really, it is mainly Irish Whiskeys.

Everywhere you look, you will see the history of this pub through the hundreds of Polaroids showcasing patrons and their Guinness. I really can’t recommend Murphy’s enough. I mean, they did give everybody complimentary glasses for St. Patty’s. Oh and there were 300 yen Jamison shots :).

Food: They have a pretty awesome selection of food here. Specifically, I have to choose the Aussie Pie for anyone wanting to try something a little different. (Its way better than Shepard’s Pies :))

Drinks: Whiskey. They have a large selection of whiskeys and know what to do with them. Ask away.

Check out how they’ve been injecting the craic into Osaka for the last two decades here: Murphy’s Irish Pub.

Well there you go, if you ever find yourself in Osaka on St. Patrick’s day don’t worry about missing out on the frivolity. There is always a way to feel the craic here.




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  1. VERY cool! And your St. Paddy’s day wedding!!! Happy Anniversary. I love the Murphy’s pub, being half Murphy myself. How about some Clancy Brothers music to go along with the festivities… Thanks for the happy memories of such a wonderful holiday… oh, and I remember, in 1988, midwifing our cat’s birthing a litter of 6. Our kitty from the litter, born on that day was, interestingly, given a Japanese-like name 🙂


    • That’s awesome! What a great day for kittens. So jealous. Oh man, I wish we had Clancy Brothers rocking. It wasn’t bad though, live band with similar music to Clancy Bros. I’m glad you liked the post!


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