How To Stay Safe At The Full Moon Party

DSC_0558There are a lot of articles out there that paint Thailand’s Full Moon Party as some horribly sketchy event. There’s claims of people getting beat up, waking up with stab wounds, having their cameras stolen and more. Personally, I think most stories are a bit exaggerated. This party is not any more dangerous or any safer than any other major festival or party out there in the world. You just have to realize what to do and what not to do and I can help you with that .

1. Don’t Do Drugs

The first tip of the day is pretty straightforward, don’t do drugs. Seriously, just don’t do them in Thailand. If you’re caught, most people face outrageous fines or even jail time. Thai prisons really don’t have a nice feel to them. Sometimes, you can avoid this by offering up a vibe and hoping you are in front of a dirty cop. The issue with this is that the bribes usually range around 10,000 to 25,000 TBH. That is anywhere from $USD 300 – $USD 800 and a complete freaking waste of money.

If you really want to lose your senses and have a crazy trip, just go take advantage of the cheap alcoholic buckets and save yourself some prison rape shame.

2. Don’t Bring Your Purse Or Wallet

Many people rave about how many pick pockets troll around the Full Moon Party. “If you go to the party you will get pick pocketed.” Blah blah blah. I disagree. One thing that you have to realize is that everything will require cash and only cash, so bring only that. I suggest keeping your bills in your swimsuits or pockets and leave your valuables at home. When it comes down to it, the way you present yourself matters. There is no reason a pick pocket will randomly go for you in the hopes of finding something when some stupid drunk tourist is swinging their fancy new purse around or drunkenly sifting through their fat wallet to pay for a $1 drink.

Just be smart people.

3. Camera Safety

I’m going to guess you or somebody close to you spent quite a bit of money on that snazzy camera of yours and you do not want it stolen or lost. As such, most articles say not to bring your cameras, “you will lose it or it will be stolen,” blah blah blah. Once again, I disagree. It all comes down to mentality and location. If you jump into the middle of the dancing pits, hoping nobody is going to bump against you and rob you blind, chances are you’re making a mistake. However, if you dance in less crowded areas, don’t get too drunk, and stay aware of your surroundings you’ll be fine.

Just keep your camera on a leash around your neck or hands.

4. Food & Drink Safety

Food sketches me the hell out in some places. If I’m out in the middle of the jungle and some random outhouse is trying to sell me a chicken sandwich, I’m going to opt for starvation. That aside, I can assure you that the food at Haad Rin, is safe to eat. Use your best judgement and look at what you are eating. As far as drinks are concerned, obey the usual rules when you drink anywhere in the world.

1. Don’t drink out of something that wasn’t completely sealed.

2. Don’t accept drinks from complete strangers. (You know, the really skeevy ones)

3. Keep an eye on your drink and don’t put it down in some random place.

5. Don’t Be A Dick

Here’s a piece of advice I loved from the owner of the hostel I stayed at: “The Full Moon Party isn’t anymore dangerous than anywhere else in the world but if you are looking for trouble, you’ll probably find it.”

I can’t stress this enough. If you are looking for a good time, the Full Moon Party will be just that. However, if you are causing drama and picking fights and being a dick, that will come back to bite you. You will find trouble and you will not do well with it. Just don’t be a dick.

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  1. ‘Don’t be a dick’ – hahahaha. True that!


  2. Didn’t know that there are such problems.

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