7 Must Do Activities Of The Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is a party unlike any other. Thousands of backpackers from all over Thailand and South East Asia gather on Haad Rin beach to dance the night away. In fact, most people actually start pregaming at barbeques and parties around 6pm and don’t stop until at least 2 or 3pm the following afternoon. That is a long time to drink; anybody would pass out far earlier. The question you have to ask yourself then, is how are you going to entertain yourself? How are you going to stay awake? What are you going to do to fill that time?!

Let me give you some advice . Fresh Glow Tattoos1. Get Tattoos – No, I don’t mean real tattoos, unless that is something you’re searching for. There are plenty of great places for legitimate tattoos around Haad Rin. But no, I’m talking about glow in the dark tattoos. These can be purchased for around 100 Baht or done yourself at some bucket stands, so long as you purchase a drink, of course. Either way, black lights and glow in the dark paint/scenery is part of the whole experience, don’t pass on it. Even just a few lines across your body does the trick and keeps your eyes open throughout the night. Jrummyrum2. Get a bucket – Many bloggers will advise against buckets as they are a waste of money and honestly, they kind of are. The big issue with buckets isn’t that they’re expensive but that they are terrible for you. Due to the insane amount of sugar and caffeine in most buckets you can experience a wicked yo-yo effect and be dancing your butt off at one moment, then passed out in the sand the next. That being said, you can always split with a friend. This way, you can say you’ve done it and experienced the main alcoholic drink of the beach and then danced it off. If you still want some booze, go buy some cheap beers from one of the many stalls, like 711, around Haad Rin. IMG_03043. Dance – Does this need explaining? No party is quite right without a little dancing. Luckily, the Full Moon Party is pretty much just that. As the night gets later the whole beach will eventually erupt into a massive dance party with different style of music being played at different sections of the beach. Find the most appealing music, post up with some friends, and go nuts. Flaming Jump Rope4. Jump In The Fire – Disclaimer: Don’t literally jump in the fire. Let me explain. At various points, scattered across the beach, you are going to stumble across what looks like something straight out of a Hollywood college movie: flaming jump ropes. If you feel so inclined you can jump in at any moment and try to last as long as possible before the fire shoves you to the ground. Don’t worry, unless you decide to stand in the actual fire or are covered in alcohol, you’ll be come by with maybe just a few singed hairs.DSC_02725. Go To Mellow Mountain – Getting a bit tired? Reaching that point where you find yourself zombie staring out at the ocean? Its time to take a break. From looking out at the sea, turn left and head to the opposite side of the beach and up the cliff face. Here you will find Mellow Mountain bar, propped up by numerous highly questionable wooden stilts. Meant to be a “mellower” environment than the rest of the party, this bar offers relaxed mood lighting, floor pillows and a view of the entire Full Moon Party raging in the distance. Trust me, you’ll want this intermission.IMG_02956. Go To The Rocks – Not digging the mountain? Do you still want a view of the party while keeping that heart rate up and feeling the beat of the music? Go check out The Rocks. This bar lies perched above the DJ booths and main staging pit of the party on the far right of the beach. Here you can get drinks and food while overlooking the dancing, DJ stations, and fire shows all at once. Its a great place for a picture and helps show just how many people are in attendance. Do expect to pay 40-60 baht more for the average drink, however. IMG_03077. Make Friends – Finally, as I said in my post about “Safety At The Full Moon Party,” everybody is here to have fun. There is no reason anybody should be at odds with anyone. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to talk to the other people around you. If you’re catching one of the taxi trucks to Haad Rin and happen to hop in with some strangers, chat it up. You don’t need to hang out with them later on, but you might run into them and share some memories. Be. Open. Minded. There are people here from all over the world and it is a truly international experience and opportunity.

Have fun!

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