Chill Bloggers & Sites

 Jones Around The World
Jones Around The World follows the exploits of a wicked adventurous globe trotter who loves EDM, music festivals, and really anything new. Working his way across the world one step at a time, he is definitely somebody to follow.

The Japan Blog List
This is a phenomenal site filled with blogs about Japan written in English. The blogs are from foreigners living in Japan, Japanese people living in Japan, and just plain Japan-related pieces. Its an amazing resource. Check it out!


Photrablogger is an amazing photographer/writer/blogger who documents adventures and interesting pieces while traveling. There are many weekly themed series and the stories are incredible. Check it out! This is an AMAZING site with blogs from expats all over the world. You can follow their stories and news about whatever country they happen to be in at the time. It mentions where they are from and where they live now. Expats have the tendency to want to explore and see as much as they can about a new place because well….it is brand new to them! So come check out these experts!


  1. I think PhoTrablogger might be one of the most popular bloggers in the history of the internet. All around nice guy!


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