View Points from Around the World

Here I will include viewpoints and quotes from people around the world about other people, cultures, and experiences that I find interesting. But let’s be honest…I’m American and what American doesn’t want to know what other people view about America – especially since we’ve been raised to believe we’re all vilified around the world.

SO, I’m going to find out and display it for your viewing pleasure. Let me tell you, they’ll be pretty fun.

…first off, there NEED to be street signs in Japan to know where to go! There’s no signs anywhere!… Italian

SINGAPORE – Asia for beginners… – British  

 Americans all dress so baggily –  British

….Your American Culture is everywhere, so we Aussie’s kind of Rebel against it, but don’t worry, we still love you… -Aussie

…The Japanese are so loyal and hard to contact… – British

        …do you have Country Music Television in America? – Canada

…South Korea…is…very…different… – British

…I only know a little Japanese from anime shows, like everyone in Malaysia… – Malaysian

…Singapore is such a great place to start a business and try new things… – Australia

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